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Discover the Breathtaking Beauty of the Sikkim Himalayas on a Thrilling Ride

Updated: Jan 30

Read about my ride to the Sikkim Himalayas here:

Royal enfield himalayan next to gurudongmar lake

I spent the month of April in the region of Sikkim Himalayas completing the gruelling schedule of another mountaineering course. It included 28 days of living and training in the Himalayas, learning various climbing techniques, trekking with heavy loads and finally climbing an 18,000 feet peak. After completing the course successfully, I decided to travel and explore the northern part of Sikkim, and what better way to explore a place than on a motorcycle. The only exception being that I needed to rent a motorcycle this time, as my faithful Eskimo was resting back home as I had chosen to fly into this part of the country rather than riding in the heat for ~1,500 kms.

Gurudongmar Lake

Read about my ride to the Sikkim Himalayas here:

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